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Renewable under control

Andalusian company Isotrol, specializing in New Technologies of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has several projects to reinforce its international position.

About to finishing the implementation of a new Control Centre with the integration of over 150 MW of PV power in Italy, Sevilla-based company Isotrol will continue its international expansion, which began in 2008, with the integration of several plants in Brazil and Portugal.

Its strategy in order to put its Management Systems, Monitoring and Control on the international market has been dual, says the Energy Division’s manager, Óscar Pérez. ‘We have selected a number of countries with high interest on which we are focusing our efforts. Each one has its own rules and our position is different, so strategy changes too for each of them. Our aim is to consolidate the markets where we already have a significant presence and opening new one where the business prospects were interesting for the coming years’.

Along the way, Isotrol team has had to overcome several challenges, such as ‘the search for suiteable local partners or the dialogue with multidisciplinary teams from different countries and the adaptation to the local way of working in each project’. And the results are more than 5.800 MW that currently controls the company.

And Isotrol looks to the future and for new opportunities. With important shares in Portugal, Italy and Brazil, the sights are set too in countries that are committed strongly to renewable energy, such as Germany, USA, Chile or India.