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Professionalism and commitment to a consolidated expansion

This Cordoba-based company has just awarded 138.6 MW at th wind power contest in Extremadura and has submitted a portfolio of 900 MW for the wind power prioritization contest in Andalucia.

Magtel Group, that is proving that rigor and experience are the best allies in times of crisis, works to internationalize a brand which is the combination of a long history, a deep knowledge of the fields in which it works and know-how invaluable, both inside and outside our borders.

This Cordoba-based company has just awarded 138.6 MW at the wind power contest in Extremadura and has submitted a portfolio of 900 MW for the windpower prioritization contest in Andalucia. Besides, it is building a 50 MW solar thermal plant with parabolic trough technology. Their courage is proportionally equivalent to innovative effort, which is allowing him to participate in pioneering projects in collaboration with the most prestigious technology centers in Europe.

Its president, Mario López Magdaleno, has an idea: ‘giving out the brand Magtel by introducing, combining professionalism and commitment’. With this philosophy, Magtel, one of the leader companies in the application of technological solutions and construction of infrastructure in the sectors of Environment, Telecommunications and Energy, intends to expand by offering all its baggage but clearly focusing its international expansion plan on three objectives: United States, Chile and Morocco.

If anything characterizes the companythis is the commitment to the environmentand therefore provides a rational and consolidated expansion and secure alliances and driving local development. ‘Bringing our advanced technology to other parts of the world is a very rewarding mission’, said López, for whom internationalization ‘can’t be a solution to the crisis, but supported growth in the strength of a healthy firm’.

Technological solutions applied to the sewerage network, deployment of advanced communications, rail telecommunications and renewable energy are some of the services have attracted more interest in this diversified business group in selected countries where the company aims to double its turnover in the next five years.