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Business Mission

Aprean shows Andalusian renewable potential in a business meeting with American companies

Latin America’s cultural proximity and potential and the U.S’ economic significance and policies to promote renewable energies make these regions two of the most attractive for Andalusian companies.

Extenda, the Foreign Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia, has organized an inverse business mission in which Aprean was present too.

The guests, from Chile, Bolivia and United States, highlighted the leadership role played by Spain in renewable’s field, so when they look for partners abroad it is a natural market. In his presentation, Francisco Salamanca, Service and Electric Construction Manager at the Chilean company HighService, said that they are looking for partnership with engineering Andalusian companies for equipment assembly, as well as offering maintenance solutions to developers. HighService is interested in photovoltaic, CSP, wind power, biofuel and especially biomass.

In this latter sector has interest too the Bolivian Genex, a pioneer in promoting natural gas  as vehicle fuel in that country, which occupy place 15th in worldwide ranking on number of vehicles by gas compared to the whole national number, and 5th in Latin America. Between other projects, Genex is tendering for waste management in Santa Cruz, a city with 2,5 million people, and power generation through waste is a highly point. The company is also interested in investing in wind power projects. ‘Several studies indicate that the eastern area of Bolivia, in the region of Los Llanos, there is potential to develop wind power projects. The region of Los Altos de la Paz has potential too for solar power’, said Boris Marinkovic, Genex’s vice president.

Daniel J. Higueras, representing an investment fund specializing in renewable energy and several Latin American companies participated too in this inverse mission to know the Andalusian enterprises potential, associated returns and the investment project that they are running.

Extenda has highlighted the importance of such missions. In 2010 and as a result of a similar activity, a joint venture between an Uruguayan company and another one from Andalusia was created.

Several members of Aprean were present at the business meeting, as Isotrol, Ecointegral and Gestión y Productividad Energética.