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Wind power

China meets wind power’s inversion opportunities in Andalusia

Andalusia wants to sell in China the benefits of its wind power parks and its know-how in this area to attract investors interested in this kind of energy and face up a growing demand.

The advantages that Andalusia offers have been showed in China Wind Power 2011, the largest trade fair held in this country. The presentation was organized by Extenda, the Foreign Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia.

‘Spain and Andalusia can be a bridge to North Africa or Latin America. We also have a large network of highways, 46 ports and, in general, an environment that favors that Spain would be a leader country in this area’, said David Martínez, the person responsible for renewable energies at the state promotion agency Invest in Spain.

In the same way, he added that this is a market in which Spain can grow, despite the international crisis. ‘In 2010 we were the seventh country in renewable energy inversion with almost five billion dollars and we think it will grow more’.

According to European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), Spain registered in 2010 20.745 MW in wind power output, only behind China (44.700 MW), United States (40.100 MW) and Germany (27.215 MW).

3.025 MW of the whole 20.745 MW installed are in Andalusia, which according to Extenda sets it in a preferential position in the region, because of the increase of the Chinese interest for renewable, which has been motivated by a larger demand and an objective of reducing the coal dependency.

‘Spain has a large experience in renewable energy. A lot of research has been made and major setbacks have been overcome to reach the current situation, and we can now say that China can be a great opportunity for Andalusia and the country’, it was said by the Andalusian agency.